About Us

We are migrating from zencart platform to Shopify. If you notice any difference, Don't worry! We're the official site for Everydaywigs.

Ever since early 2015, Everydaywigs has been dedicated to providing a happy online shopping experience to our customers. We believe, the key to that success is to offer quality products, affordable prices, quick delivery, and top-tier customer service, all via our hard-working staff..

The past few years have been challenging also rewarding for us. We truly thank every single of our customers, who either encourages us to move forward with compliments or forces us to optimize every aspect of our business with complaints or even criticism.

There are two things that we fully embrace when doing business online and hope that our customers can agree upon:

1) Word of mouth travels fast, especially in the era of the Internet. Therefore if you are happy with our products/services, please help us to spread the word by posting product reviews;

2) Service always counts. If you happen to run into any problems, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our customer service representatives are always ready to help!

Company Name: Nanjing Touch Network Technology Co.,Ltd

Address: jin dou hui guangchgang 3-1102 Nanjing, 210000 Jiangsu, China

Email: service@everydaywigs.com.

Phone: +86 138 5144 8946

Registration Number: 4906460